the sonic matter of light

new Organic Shapes’s album is OUT!!!

Electronic and instrumental waves celebrate the concept of “transcendence”, when one life ends and another one begins, being parts of the same flow.
All kinds of darkness has its own shiny side…
…and each shiny side is intangible concrete matter for the next step into tomorrow
Organic Shapes (Gabriele Gubbelini): programming, synthesizers, digital tanpura, kaoss pad, didjeridoo, percussion padwith the amazing sounds of:
– Franco Falsini: electric and synth guitars on Sonic Steps
– Antonino Barresi: silver flute on Lights Around
– Mimmo “Re Niliu” Mellace: percussions on Lights Around, Shiny Side of Darkness, Intangible Reflection and “cave-drum” on Intangible Reflection tracks composed, recorded and mixed by Organic ShapesMastered by Franco Falsini at Interactive Test Studio, Tuscany

Artwork and graphics: Organic Shapes and Liquid Squid Design

Released by Interactive Test Records

I’m so grateful to all my family and all my friends… i wish you all the best in your lives…

released January 6, 2018
all rights reserved