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This section of the site is totally dedicated to all my healing projects.

The Didjeridoo is a very unique instrument; with a sound composed by a wide spectrum of frequencies is very suitable to stimulate the response of the human body, whether it be auditory or physical perception.
Just listening the sound, so deep and hypnotic, without wave breaks through circular breathing which produces the characteristic continuous sound of the instrument, you can achieve a state of relaxation.
Moreover, when it’s performed directly on the body of the listener (sound massage), the sound vibration, a real physical phenomenon, comes in contact with the body through the skin and spreads to all internal organs, stimulating their vibration and harmonizing with each other (resonance frequencies of cells).
With these particular characteristics, its sound (and also the sound massage) is suitable to accompany sequences of Yoga, dance therapy exercises and several kinds of meditations, up to pseudo-therapeutic programs aimed at inner self re-harmonizing.


“The Vibrant Body”
A multidisciplinary laboratory
(hatha yoga, dance therapy, conscious listening and sound massage) *with Emanuela Franzoni

– “Frequency Lab”
Sound baths with gong & didjeridoo
* with Fabio Manfredini

– Sound massages with didjeridoo
full treatment

– Meditative music concert
an emotional journey through perceptions and senses