The BERIMBAO is the musical bow, a single -string percussion instrument, from Brazil
It’s the typical instrument of the Afro-brazilian martial art Capoeira and its origins are in African culture that arrived in Brazil with slavery in 16th century.
It’s made by 6 different parts:
  • Verga: Wooden bow that makes up the main body of the Berimbau.
  • Arame: Steel string.
  • Cabaça: Opened, dried and hollowed out gourd-like fruit secured to the lower portion of the berimbau, used to amplify and resonate the sound.
  • Pedra or Dobrão: Small stone or coin pressed against the arame to change the tone of the berimbau.
  • Baqueta: Small stick struck against the arame to produce the sound.
  • Caxixí: Small rattle that optionally accompanies the baqueta in the same hand.
The berimbau basically has three sounds: the open string sound, the high sound, and the buzz sound.