The amazing DIDJERIDOO is the mysterious music instrument of the Aboriginal people from Australia.
It’s a very singular and unique instrument, because it’s made just by the nature’s action (the termites eat the eucalyptus trees inside) and because it’s fully representative of the Aboriginal culture
It’s simple and complex at the same time and it’s called “the storyteller” because the Aboriginals use it to describe (with sounds) their story.
It’s a rhythmic wind instrument with a restricted range of notes, but the Aboriginal music culture doesn’t have keys.
Each one has its own note, due to length and cross-section.
Originally they are only eucalyptus branches, but now we can find didjeridoos in many different materials (many kinds of wood, PVC, iron, glass, polycarbonate, fiber glass, carton)
In the extended world of the contemporary west music instruments, we could compare the sound of the didjy with a synthesizer modulation.